1000 Euros Borrow: Rule It Today Today (2019)

After your application you will receive the 1000 euros in your account in a short time. If you want to borrow more than 1000 euros without a BKR test, you can consider the so-called Plus Loan from Ferratum.

To borrow 1000 euros you can generally choose from different options:

  1. Take out a mini-loan
  2. Via family or friends
  3. Via open trade
  4. Regular loan

Naturally, every option has its advantages and disadvantages. First think about the exact amount of money you need. Is it really about 1000 euros or a relatively smaller amount of a few hundred euros, or do you want to borrow more?

1. Take out a mini-loan

The first option is to take out a mini loan (flash credit). However, this form of borrowing can only be applied if you want to borrow a small amount of money. You can never borrow more than 1,000 euros with a mini loan. The big advantage of a mini loan is that you can get the money quickly.

After you have submitted the application, your BKR data will be checked. If they are in order, the application is approved in 9 out of 10 cases. The money is transferred and is usually in your account within 24 hours. You can then spend it immediately.

However, there is a disadvantage to the mini loan. For example, the interest rate is quite high. The costs are often stated under the heading transaction costs or guarantee.

2. Family or friends

Another option is to borrow money from family or friends through a private loan. Not everyone is keen on this, but some people have no problems with it at all. If you have a large group of friends or many family members, it is often easy to find a number of people who want to lend you money.

What is important here is making clear agreements. How much will you borrow and within what period will you repay the amount. It is absolutely safe to put the agreements on paper, so both parties know where they stand.

Make sure that you comply with the agreements made. If you do not do this, it may damage your relationship. The latter is therefore a risk if you are going to borrow money from family or friends.

3. Via open trade

An alternative to borrow money (for example 1000 euros) is to take out a loan through the open trade, such as Marktplaats.nl. This means that you borrow money from private individuals. This can be both strangers and friends or family (see above). A private individual does not have to comply with all kinds of rules that Rodion Raskolnikoven must comply with and, moreover, they may not be bothered about a possible BKR registration.

However, there are many risks to this scenario. Because you have no guarantees to fall back on and there may also be scammers among them. So do very extensive research if you are interested in this option. It is even better to borrow money from someone you know and trust, as long as you know for sure that you can pay it back.

4. Regular loan

Regular loan,cash,money


Do you still want to borrow a larger amount? In that case, a regular loan (personal loan) from the Rodion Raskolnikov or another lender may be an option. Before you apply for a personal loan from a particular provider it is wise to think about the term.

In how many months do you want to repay the borrowed money? This can be, for example, in 24, 36 or 120 months. Note that you have to pay more in interest as the term increases. A loan with a term of 24 months is almost always cheaper compared to a loan with a term of 120 months.

If possible, pay off the loan as quickly as possible. In addition to the term, it is also important to look at the interest that is charged. The interest rate will be higher with one lender than with another. In general, the lower the interest rate, the cheaper the loan. Civil servants’ loans take the crown and apply the very lowest interest rates.

Can you borrow 1000 euros without review?

It is more difficult to borrow 1000 euros cheaply quickly without BKR testing, because the BKR acts as a kind of protection mechanism. Certainly if you are a student. The BKR keeps track of whether you have several loans and, if so, how many.

And also whether you have had problems paying off the loan in the past. If you have (had) to deal with one or both of these situations, this tells something about how you handle money.

To prevent yourself from working into bigger problems, it is as if it is made more difficult for you to end up in the same situation again.

Because of course you don’t want to get into big problems. Certainly if you also have no income, this is important. Borrowing money without an income is only possible under special circumstances.

On the other hand, Rodion Raskolnikoven is also not waiting for people who may not be able to pay off their loans. Because that also costs them money. That is why most Rodion Raskolnik ovens apply the rule that when applying for a loan the person in question is checked at the BKR.

Below is a video that clearly explains how the BKR works and how they interpret your financial situation.

Immediately collect 1000 euros with small loans

1000 euros

Yet you can be in an emergency situation where the money is desperately needed and you have a great solution for the loan. In that case there are also Rodion Raskolnikoven who do take out loans with people who are registered negatively with the BKR. For example, you can take out one or more mini loans.

Without registering with the BKR you can easily and quickly borrow 1000 euros without hassle through a mini loan. However, with a negative registration you can usually not reach the 1000 euros. Paying in installments is permitted by certain providers. Good comparison is crucial.

BONUS TIP: close two mini loans one after the other

You can take out several loans as an alternative:

For example, if you take out two mini loans of 500 euros each, then you are also 1000 euros. Consider carefully whether you take out both loans with the same company or with two independent lenders.

On both mini-loans, a relatively high interest rate of 14 to 15% is charged on average. Which means that you have to pay some extra money. A small calculation:

Borrow 1 x 500 euros: 15% of this is 75 euros on an annual basis. You usually have to repay this loan in 1 month. So for that one month you pay 75/12 months = 6.25 euros in interest. Do this 2 times and you have your total costs: 12.50 euros. Pretty good to do.

Note that extra costs are usually charged if you do not repay the loan including interest on time. Various existing customers talk about this in shared experiences.

Do you want to request a mini loan quickly? Then you pay extra to make the process faster.

Quickly borrowing 1000 euros deserves quiet thinking

1000 euros

In short, there are roads to Rome when it comes to borrowing 1000 euros directly and quickly. One way is expensive and full of rules and fine print. The other is uncertain and potentially stressful.

Only take out a fast loan when the need is high. Be sure not to make a habit of borrowing extra monthly. The more you borrow without repaying, the further you work in the financial nests.

Are other people (such as family members) dependent on your income? In that case, rising debts can also cause them financial difficulties in the long run.

A quick loan is suitable for a short bridging of a financial emergency. Stick to this and think ahead. You may be better off with a well-thought-out future plan from a financial adviser.