Company Loans – is it worth borrowing from this company?

Looking for extra cash at Goody Loans? Customer feedback is very favorable! A high loan amount and a long repayment period are the main advantages of the brand. Check if it is worth borrowing from this company.

The Goody Loans brand is run under the auspices of the company IPF (International Personal Finance), listed on the stock exchange. It was introduced to the market in 2014. The parent company grants loans all over the world, including Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Mexico.

Installment loan and healthcare services are the Goody Loans brand offer. Customer reviews indicate that it is a safe and valuable company. He belongs to the Conference of Financial Enterprises and uses the Principles of Good Practice. Check what else customers praise the company for!

Goody Loans – offer details

Goody Loans - offer details

A customer who wants to take a loan at Goody Loans can apply for an amount from USD 800 to USD 25,000. Both the first and the next time. This is one of the highest offers available on the market of non-bank services. The loan can be taken for any purpose – you do not have to provide it in the application, although in the form submitted via the Internet you will find a list of goals. Setting a goal helps Goody Loans prepare the right offer for you.

The minimum loan period is 3 months. This means that you give your commitment in three equal installments. However, the lender allows a much longer repayment period: up to 4 years, i.e. 48 months.

Holiday from a loan

Holiday from a loan

A customer who needs to temporarily suspend the repayment of his loan may take advantage of a loan holiday. In Goody Loans, you can postpone the deadline for returning money up to 4 times, but the lender sets the conditions: only the customer who has already repaid at least 3 installments of the loan can take advantage of “holidays”. The number of transfers depends on your contract. If you have to pay:

  1. from 7 installments to 11 installments – you can postpone the repayment date once;
  2. from 12 installments to 17 installments – you can move the repayment date twice;
  3. from 18 installments to 23 installments – you can postpone repayment three times;
  4. from 24 installments – you can postpone repayment 4 times.

Costs of loan in Goody Loans

Costs of loan in Goody Loans

When looking for an opinion on Goody Loans, it’s a good idea to get information on the cost of the loan. This is one of the cheaper loans on the market. Why? The first argument is the promotional offer “Loan for new customers”, addressed to people who have never made a commitment in Goody Loans before. The customer who uses the promotion can count on a cash loan with a fixed interest rate of 0.00%. For example, by borrowing USD 1,000 for 3 months, you will give a total of USD 1,012.60. The second argument is clear loan charges. The customer knows what he pays for:

  • Commission: depends on the loan parameters; it includes a preparation fee, which is 25% of the total commission amount
  • Capital interest: 0% -10%
  • Penalty interest for late repayment: 14%
  • Holiday from a loan: USD 0

Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Goody Loans

Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Goody Loans

Opinions about this brand indicate a good approach to the customer. Below you will find a summary of the pros and cons of borrowing at Goody Loans. The list includes the most important elements of the offer.

Advantages of Goody Loans

  • Very high loan amount : up to USD 25,000
  • Long repayment period : you can extend the loan for up to 48 months
  • Simple loan process : you only need your ID card to apply for a loan; you receive the offer in a short time.
  • Telephone confirmation of your data : the consultant will call the customer to confirm the data contained in the application, which means that the customer does not need to do anything more
  • Cash withdrawal to a bank account 
  • Availability of consultants: the company works from Monday to Sunday, from morning to evening