Framework Loan – Interest Rate Cut and 30% Action

The bank lowers their conditions. The effective interest rate for the popular credit line is now only 5.99 percent per year. There is also an attractive money-back campaign . For a period of 12 months, the bank will reimburse your customers 30 percent of the interest paid. The offer is only valid for new customers. By contrast, all borrowers benefit from the interest rate cut.

Now only 5.99 percent

High interest rates are not a must. If you want to pay less without sacrificing flexibility, you will find a suitable alternative in a framework loan – also called call-off credit. Good news about cheap rates is available from the bank. The well-known direct bank based in Amsterdam lowers their terms. The effective interest rate for the flexible credit line falls from the previous 6.25 percent to just 5.99 percent . At least now, the product offers significant cost advantages compared to other frame loans. How much cheaper it will be for you as a customer is shown by the following example. It also explains how much you save compared to discretionary interest .


Call sum 5000 Euro
Duration 30 days Avg. Interest on all disbursements 10.8 percent bank conditions previously 6.25 percent Conditions after 5.99 percent costs per month 45,00 Euro 26.04 euros 24.95 euros Savings per month – 18.96 euros 20.05 euros

New customer campaign – bank reimburses 30 percent of the interest

New customer campaign - bank reimburses 30 percent of the interest

Anyone applying for a credit line from the direct bank for the first time will be reimbursed for 30% of their interest for 12 months. The refund will be made as credit in the following month. The action 30% interest back starts on 15.04. and runs until 31.10.2016. During this period, the credit account must be opened. The already favorable conditions of 5.99 percent fall by the price action calculated to only 4.2 percent.

It’s that easy:

  • Apply for first credit
  • Book amounts from 1 Euro to the current account.
  • Pay interest at the end of the month – only for amounts actually used.
  • The following month, you will receive a credit over 30 percent of the costs incurred.