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What online payday loans does we propose?

What online payday loans does we propose?

Our online service, offers individual customers a short break for any purpose in the amount of 100 to 3250 PLN with a repayment period of 7 to 30 days. There is a possibility of paying the loan extension for a fee – you can do it many times!

The standard cost of the loan is not presented on the website, however, the our clients can count on attractive promotions and discounts .


Promotion “First loan for free”

Anyone who registers for the first time on the site and applies for a loan can use it on promotional terms, which is absolutely free (APR 0%). The first loan for PLN 0 is available up to PLN 3250, however its final amount depends on the Tariff granted.

An additional condition to take advantage of the offer is the timely repayment of the borrowed money – the delay causes that standard fees and commissions are charged.


“Loyal Customer” program

We have promotions not only for new ones, but also for its regular customers. Each loan repaid on time entitles you to a discount for the next one. The discount changes with each subsequent loan repaid on time. According to these rules, the second loan is granted at a discount of 25%, the third – 15%, the fourth – 20%, the fifth – 25%, the sixth-30% etc. At the tenth loan the discount is 50%.


Rules for granting payday loans

Rules for granting payday loans

The procedure for granting payday loans in the website is basically not too different from the procedures used by other companies. However, there are quite specific rules to pay attention to.


Who can apply for a loan?

The most important conditions that must be met by customers interested in the payday loan:

  • minimum age 18
  • ID card and PESEL number
  • own bank account
  • monthly income minimum PLN 2,000.


How does the application and granting procedure take place?

The application for a payday loan is completely online and includes the following steps:

1. Registration on the site and creating a customer profile.

2. Filling out the form on the basis of an ID card (also provide contact details and bank account details and financial information necessary to establish the so-called Tariff).

Consideration of the loan application lasts for quite a long time, because the company checks almost all bases, including BIK, and often requests the client to send additional documents (see below).

If the application is successful, the customer receives the information that has been assigned to him the Tariff (loan amount), as well as the SMS code, which is used to remotely sign the contract.


Additional documents

The lender reserves the right to request from the customer to send the documents necessary to process the loan application, e.g.

  • PIT declaration,
  • a certificate of earnings from the employer,
  • an account statement confirming receipt of monthly income of minimum PLN 2,000.


How long does it take to handle the formalities and how long does it take for the money?

Unlike many other lenders, promises loans in a dozen or so minutes, only honestly gives the minimum time to handle individual formalities:

  • 3 minutes registration on the site,
  • 30 minutes may take consideration of the application,
  • One minute waiting for a transfer after receiving a positive credit decision.

Transfer of funds from the loan can be made not only to the customer’s bank account but also to the credit card account or PayPal account . The latter option is very rare and will undoubtedly appeal to people who for various reasons do not want to reveal the incurring of a non-bank retaliation in their bank.


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